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Miss Hart

Congratulations to Adam for getting the Awesome Award this week. Always enthusiastic and working so well in class!

Year 9 solved 2d shape puzzles by using their iPads to read QR codes.

In H.E. we have been learning all about keeping healthy. This week we tried different vegetables dipped in hummus. We also made and then ate some healthy wraps. Yummy 😋

Wind Turbines working!

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Year 9 worked hard to built these working turbines that move.

STEM challenge - Building a wind turbine. Year 9 have been learning about renewable energy and today they worked together to construct a moving turbine

We mixed our ink and used the brush holders when we’re not painting. Here are our Japanese paintings of animals, fish and bamboo.Jay washed all our brushes very carefully.

Year 9 practice writing Japanese numbers using ink, iPads and our Magic Mat!

Relaxing Japanese brush painting

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This week’s awesome award goes to………Andrew! What a great week - well done 👏

Today, year 9 were  learning about shapes. First we used elastic bands to form different basic shapes. Next we used an app on the iPad to draw some shape pictures. Great work!

Our science lesson this week was on magnets. Everyone had a great time finding out whether or not different objects in the classroom are magnetic.

We are having a very busy week! We have started a new topic on Japan. Year 9 researched some things  that they were interested in using their iPad and found out lots of amazing facts. On Wednesday, Miss Hart brought in some beautiful brushes and ink and the class had a lesson on Japanese brush art. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Happy New Year!! It was lovely to see everyone back after our Christmas break. Yesterday Year 9 spent some time painting  beautiful trees with a stained glass effect. 

We had a surprise visit from Santa, Mrs Claus and Buddy the elf today. They arrived in style by helicopter!!! Everyone had a great time welcoming them, chatting and dancing to some Christmas music.🎄🎅🧑‍🎄

Christmas Party Daaaaay! Pin the Nose on Rudolph (or at least on the whiteboard!) and Christmas Movie Quiz

Making gingerbread people in HE - yummy 😋

Moody winter snow scenes by Year 9

Mixing shades and tints for our Winter Painting

Doing some Christmas Maths games and finishing a couple of giant Christmas jumpers!

This week year 9 made hot chocolate stirrers using candy canes, marshmallows and chocolate with sprinkles. We also made some Christmas decorations for the classroom so it is looking a lot more festive now! 
Today we were able to go and check out’The Hive’. We enjoyed making our own hot chocolate and then had a game or two of Botcha. Everyone had a great time.😃🌲☕️

This week's awesome award winner is Samuel.  You have had an amazing week. Well done!😃

Year 9 have been learning about Pop Art and artists. Some of the art work created by our class is awesome! 

In H.E. this week we made cheesy garlic bread. It was absolutely delicious and everyone played their part in tidying up as well. 

This term in P.E., we have been learning how to play cricket. This week we had a game of ‘non-stop’ cricket. Some of year 9 are becoming really great players!

We went to Mountstewart on the Wednesday bus. It was an amazing day. We spent our time in the natural play area. There was lots of climbing, balancing, den building and games of hide and seek. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and it stayed dry!🙂🪵🐾

We sent cars down different surfaces to see which one caused the most friction. We used card, carpet, bubble wrap and foam.


Congratulations to Thomas for being elected Year 9 Rep! We know you'll do a great job.

Jasmine wins the Awesome Award this week for being so helpful and doing really great work - well done!

Watch the vase being printed using CAD!

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Making a vase using CAD. We’ve had a great week with our student teacher Mr Robinson. He brought in his 3D printer …….! He chose one of the drawings made by year 9, drew the design on the computer and made a plastic 3D model. wow!!

We made parachutes using different sizes of paper. We were seeing which parachute fell most slowly.

Air resistance investigation!

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Which parachute is the slowest?

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We did a science experiment using a basketball and a tennis ball to see how gravity and air resistance affect the height the balls will bounce.

Gravity experiment with basketball and tennis ball.

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Gravity Experiment

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Thomas wins our awesome award for having a great week in Year 9!

We used watercolours to make beautiful poppies.

Watercolour Poppies

The Amazon Jungle came to visit us today! We were able to see and touch some awesome animals. There was a chameleon, a gecko, a bearded dragon, a tree frog, a python, a tortoise and even a tarantula!!!! We found out some fun facts and it was amazing to see the animals close up.

Amazon jungle

In H.E. this week we made yummy ham and cheese toasties. They were delicious!