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Medical Forms


The PW1 form should be filled out at the start of your son/daughter's time in Killard House School.


This form is divided into  3 Sections


Section A

Requests brief information regarding any medical conditions. A tick box section that allows us to understand your child more fully with in the First Aid Room


Section B 

Permission to attend to intimate care, whether this is toileting or being able to attend to any first aid required.


Section C

Permission to use First Aid products and over the counter medicines.


If there are any changes during your child's time in Killard House School you MUST inform us in writing. This includes changes to medication, newly diagnosed conditions, allergies, asthma etc.  In these circumstances please download the PW 1 Form or contact school and one can be sent out to you for completion.

This form is required if your child has any medical condition that may require attention during the school day.  For example, Asthma, Epilepsy etc. Details such as medication given at home and how to  manage an attack with any medication required should be completed as per their plans given to you by your GP/Clinic .


This form is required if your child needs to have any form of medication during the school day.  This includes; Inhalers, Tablets or Syrups and Emergency Mediation.


The AM2 can be filled in at time, throughout the year if your child requires additional medicines such as an antibiotic where dosage stipulates that it is needed during school hours.