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Life Skills Tasks

Week beginning 26th May 2020 - 

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing ok and keeping safe?! 

It was good to see some lovely sunshine back on Monday for the Bank Holiday and I hope you were all able to get out in the fresh air for a little bit of exercise in your garden or close to your home.

For this week's tasks I have included our normal personal hygiene activities and also a fun exercise activity that you can try throughout the week if you like.

I'm missing you all lots, please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Ta Mrs McB

Week beginning 18th May - Hi everyone in Secondary! Here we are again at the start off another school week 🙂 I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. If you haven't had the chance yet try to check out the latest staff video which was posted on the school website on Friday. You may see a few familiar faces who just wanted to say 'Hello'. I know when I watched it I felt so happy to see lots of our staff sending lovely messages to all of the pupils in Killard. I think it is fair to say all of the staff in the video are really missing seeing you all each day and we can't wait to be back to school with you all again. Please try, if you can, to get outside for some exercise each day and keep checking out our Secondary class pages on the website as there are lots of activities /tasks you can be trying at home to keep those minds active too. I am missing you all and have sent some new life skill tasks again this week for you to try at home, so if you can, give them a go! Stay safe everyone 🙂 Mrs McB

Week beginning 11th May 2020 - Life Skills Tasks

Week beginning 4th May. Hi everyone, can you believe we are into the month of May! I hope you are all still keeping safe and staying in as much as possible. The weather this week however is looking better so please try to get out into the garden for a bit of fresh air and exercise if possible. I hope you all enjoyed watching the staff Killardillo video posted on our website this week. It definitely made me smile when I watched it and I hope it made you smile too 🙂 I have put up a few more life skill activities / tasks I would like you to try this week if you can please. Missing you all, stay safe Mrs McB

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed the lovely sunshine over the weekend. I hope you are also enjoying the home learning activities all of the Secondary Department teachers are posting on our website each week for you to try at home. I'm sure like me you are missing Killard and all of your friends and teachers. I want you all to know the staff are missing you all too and can't wait to be back in school to see everyone again. I have put some more life skill tasks up this week. If you get a chance give them a go please 🙂 Stay safe, Mrs McB

Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoyed the Easter holidays. I have added another few life skill tasks for you to try this week. If you can give some of them a go please that would be great! Thanks Mrs McB