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KS3 Friday Activities

Today year 9 have been very busy. We started the morning with Assembly and then went for a litter pick up. After break we had a beetle drive followed by a game of rounders. This afternoon the PSNI talked to us about bike and road safety and we finished our day with a movie. Everyone had a really great day! Have a lovely weekend!🎉😀

Friday 13 May 2022. Friday fun doing a litter pick up in the school grounds, making short animations and listening to Sam tell us about safe cycling 🚲

We started our Friday with an assembly about being lucky or unlucky. Good food for thought on Friday the 13th. We played a couple of very competitive games of dodgeball which got everybody sweating. After we went out into the community and did a litter pick to help our local area. We finished the day by hearing from Sam and Stuart from our local police station. They talked to us about how to be safe on a bike and when we are out travelling.

Friday 6 May 2022 Today has been a bit wet and miserable but Year 8 have still had lots of fun. This morning we learned about suitable clothes to wear on a bike then we watched Art Hub for Kids to learn how to draw a bike. Our drawings were amazing! We helped our local community by doing a litter pickup and finished the day playing table top games. Fingers crossed for better weather next Friday!

Year 10 had a great Life Skills Friday. We discussed about how we look after ourselves when we are on our bikes. We had a fun social game of Pictionary as pupils choice. The class finished the day with a litter pick in our local area and reward time. Well done Year 10.

Friday 29 April 2022 Year 8 Litter picking around our local area

Have a watch at Year 8's Comedy Club on April Fool's Day!!!!

A fun Friday in year 10. We started the day with a Zoom assembly, then we tired to make paper bridges to hold weight for our STEM task. After break we went to the Hive and made a cup of tea or coffee ourselves. Just before lunch we went to the outdoor gym, it was cold but we warmed up quickly. We finished the day with dodgeball and reward time.

Year 10 had a fantastic Friday, we made Thaumtropes which is an animation spinner. We then went over to the Hive and made toasties to practice or knife and fork skills. Some of the class went to football and the others went to the outdoor gym. We had a go at lat pull downs and the leg press machine. We finished the day with some basketball and reward time. Super day from everyone.

Friday 25 March 2022 Another busy Friday for Year 8! Today we made a thaumatrope (spinner) in craft. After break we practised our dips and leg raise in the Outdoor Gym. This afternoon we had a cheese and ham toastie 🥪 and were careful with our knife and fork 🍴

Had a super Friday this week. We started off by having a chat with the PSNI about keeping ourselves safe in all areas of our lives, stranger danger, online and road safety. After break we went to theHive for café skills and had jelly and ice cream. The class had a great manners and tidied up after themselves really well. We then had to do a Joe Wicks as the rain came on. Finished the day with some bench ball and reward time. Good work everyone.

11 March 2022 Today we started with a pupil questionnaire to ask their opinions about our Friday Life Skills. I’m delighted to say that Year 8 have enjoyed our lessons and have found them to be fun, relevant and at times a bit challenging. After break we did Circle Time with Cookie and relaxed in our ‘Chill-out Zone’ before Sam from PSNI came to tell us how to stay safe. Our day finished in The Hive eating jelly and ice cream 🍨 remembering No Double Dipping! I’d like to say that our pupils’ manners are super and there are always pleases and thank yous 😃

Year 10 had a fantastic Friday. We had some brilliant costumes in class for World Book Day. We made amazing mind boggling mazes for our STEM time. We then went out to the Hive to learn how to set a table ready for dinner. After we went to the outdoor gym and had a go at trying some pull ups. We finished the day with some basketball and reward time. Well done everyone.

Friday 4 March Today Year 8 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a character from a book. We looked amazing! We had a Marble Maze challenge in groups of 3, followed by a workout in the Outdoor gym using the Pull up bar. We practised hanging for 10 seconds- it wasn’t easy! Some of us went to the disco while the boys went to football coaching. We finished off the day learning how to set the table, eating a snack with our mouths closed tight and then Reward Time. A busy day with lots of fun 😃

This Friday in Year 10 we made origami bookmarks in the morning. Great for the fine motor skills. We then went to The Hive for café skill to learn about table manners. Some of our class went to football practice and had a great time testing their skills. We finished the day by learning some Irish dancing from Miss Smyth and some dodgeball. Well done Year 10.

Year 9 had a great day. We started with yoga and then some table top games. After break we went to the hive to find out about good table manners and table etiquette in our café skills topic. This afternoon we made origami bookmark monsters. Great job year 9!👍😀

25/02/2022 Year 8 started the day with a Secondary department Zoom assembly. We then made an origami bookmark followed by a walk to the new park in Donaghadee. Our day finished with a lesson on table manners and a Freddo- we’re learning to eat with our mouths closed and elbows off the table 😀

Year 10 had a super Friday. We stretched and cleared our minds with yoga and mindfulness. We looked at who love us in our lives. We spent all our money in the Bring n Buy sale. We finished the afternoon playing with our purchases and watching a film.

Year 8 Shopped til they dropped at the Bring and Buy Sale

11/2/2022 Year 8 We are beautiful and we are LOVED ❤️🥰😍❤️ Today we learned how to hang washing on a clothes horse and we are itching to practice our new laundry skills.

We have been really enjoying our Life Skills Fridays and everything they have to offer. We looked at how we can dry out clothes in different ways. The class then took part in yoga and some mindfulness exercises. We finished the day with basketball and a bit of a film.

4/2/2022 Today we thought about a time when we felt proud. We talked about our school targets and how we will feel when we achieve them 👍 Mrs Davey helped us to create some interesting trees 🌴 This afternoon we partied 🎉

The class have been great at getting involved in our Friday life skill activities. This week we focused on how we use a washing machine, the class were able to give lots of information so expect lots of help at home this weekend. Half the class went to football coaching and the rest stayed and have a great time doing yoga and mindfulness exercises. We finished the day celebrating Mr Nelson’s birthday and reward time. Well done Year 10.

28 January 2022. Today was another Fabulous Friday in Year 8. Katie Leigh made our toast before online Assembly. Circle Time with ‘Cookie’ about feeling shy followed by some Happy Colour and a relaxing Take Ten. Next up was learning to use a washing machine and hand wash a Woolley jumper. Please can the pupils get some more practice at home for using the washing machine. Rhys went to IFA coaching ⚽️ and our day finished with Yoga and Reward Time. Have a great weekend😃

We had a lot of fun in our KS3 Fridays in year 10 started the day by looking at what different laundry symbols mean and what we should look out for. We then had our time at yoga which was brilliant this week with our new mats. After that we had our mindfulness chat as some of the class went to football coaching. We finished the day with dodgeball and reward time.

21 January 2022. Year 8 enjoyed a Talking Circle followed by colouring our Bubbles of Gratitude activity. We coloured a bubble to represent everything we are thankful for. We then learned about laundry symbols that tell us how to wash our clothes. Some of us went for a walk to The Commons while Tom and Jamie went to football coaching ⚽️. The day finished with yoga and Reward Time. Have a great weekend everyone 😃

Today YR10 have enjoyed some wonderful yoga with Adriene and practising our breathing skills. We did some laundry and had a speed test to see who was the quickest to get them in the right piles… Well done Paul with 17 seconds. We had a great game of competitive dodgeball and finished the day with reward time.

Friday 14 January 2022 Today Year 8 have enjoyed Happy Colouring on our iPads, Bingo and getting into strange positions during Yoga 🧘‍♀️. We have also practised sorting some laundry 🧺

Blue group are staring to learning about Banking and the importance of money and saving. Everyone got to practice putting on pillowcases and even had a race to see who could do it the fastest. We continued to learn how to wrap presents and had a fun game of pass the parcel. Today was finished off with basketball.

Wb 12/11 Blue group started the day doing board games which was enjoyed all round. Some played Frustration, others card games while some of us got very competitive playing Dobble! In the afternoon there was a lot of practising making a duvet and folding the covers, they were all brilliant and could definitely help out at home by making their own beds. To end the day we all continued practicing wrapping presents in preparation for Xmas, this week it was cylinders. See you guys next Friday for more fun

Wb 12/11/2021 Green Team will be doing lots of bed changing this weekend 🛏

5/11/21 Welcome back Blue team! We had a great day learning all about Anaphylaxis and how to use an Epi/Jet pen for when ever someone has an allergic reaction and needs to take a pen. With Christmas coming up they all learnt how to wrap a present, they done an amazing job! Next week we will be learning how to make a bed, it’s going to be fun!

5/11/21. Green Team learned about the importance of changing their bedding on a regular basis. Next week we’re learning to change a duvet cover. We practised wrapping Christmas presents-books 🎁 Our day finished with table top games ♟

Blue group had a brilliant day in our life skills class. They worked hard in our first aid and had a brilliant walk to practice our road safety. Well done everyone.

Green Team work hard and play hard 👟🚦😊

You’re in safe hands with Green Team 🤕❤️‍🩹

Green Team just keep getting better 🤩

Blue team had a blast today, we learnt how to help somebody that was bleeding badly and in shock. We had a go at learning how to tie our ties and Jamie was a great help. We had a lovely walk to the Moat and using our knowledge of the Green Cross Code. Finally we played a great game of dodgeball. Adam wanted to take everybody on and did a great job at surviving. Well done everyone.

Green Team learned about the Green Cross Code and practised on our way to the Lighthouse. We also learned how to do a tie and we finished off looking at what’s in our First Aid kits.

Blue team had a great day racing to see who could button up their shirt the fastest. We ask so had great discussions about why we want to help people and perform first aid and road traffic awareness. We finished the day with some dodgeball. Well done everyone.

Green Team had no problems buttoning up a shirt - good practice for Swimming days 👔 We also love Pictionary - can you guess what it is?

1 minute challenge to button a shirt,

Still image for this video

Blue team had a great day playing lots of social and team building games. A favourite of the class was our marshmallow towers.