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Key Stage 3 Home Learning

w/b 22nd March 2021- science anniversary video!

w/b 22nd March 2021 - technology RND

Art & Design wb 22nd March

Art & Design. The finished Easter Eggs

Art Week beginning 15th March 2021

'Easter Egg Making' Art & Design wb 15th March

w/b 15th March 2021 - science and technology- sound

w/b 15th March 2021 - British Science Week

w/b 8th March 2021 Technology

w/b 8th March 2021 - science

Art WB 1st March 2021

w/b 1st March 2021 - Technology

w/b 1st March 2021 - science

w/b 1st March 2021 - Eco schools

w/b 1st March KS3 Numeracy and Literacy

Art & Design wb 1st March 'Kandinsky'

wb 22nd February 2021 - science

wb 22nd February 2021 - Technology and Eco

P.E. Week 5 - 22nd February 2021

Why not try some of these in your weekly exercise plan.

5 min Cardio for Beginners - No Equipment Home Workout - 40 second, 20 second Intervals

This workout is for beginners and great for families that want to burn calories with a home workout. Complete up to four times for a full workout or once for...

Full Body Indoor Workout for Kids - Limited Space & No Equipment for K-5

This workout is built for indoor recess or home. The movements use minimal space and can be done in an auditorium, small living room or gym. #peworkout #work...

Hi folks, why not sign up for this weekly badminton skills and challenges programme. If you register quickly there may be a chance to get a racquet and shuttle to practice with. Prizes are available and videos are emailed each week. I have posted some below for you to look at.

Ulster Badminton- EBA- Balloon Keepy Up's

Balloon Forehand & Backhand Keepy Ups 🎈Ards and North Down Borough Council Everybody Active Coach Jonathan Perry has a simple and fun Keepy Up game to help ...

Ulster Badminton- EBA- Rally Against a Wall

Ards and North Down Borough Council Everybody Active Coach Jonathan Perry has another Lockdown Indoor Balloon Game- Rally Against the Wall! 🎈🏸How many Hits...

Ulster Badminton- EBA- Stairs Game

Ards and North Down Borough Council Everybody Active Coach Jonathan Perry brings you a fun new Game using the stairs! Have a watch 👀 as Jonny talks you thro...

wb 8th February 2021 Eco Schools star gazing

wb 8th February 2021 - Science and Technology

P.E. Week 4 - 8th February 2021

w/b 1st February- Technology and Eco

w/b 1st February 2021 - Science

Art & Design wb 22nd February

PE week 3 Strength and tone

1st February 2021

7 in 7 Kids Full Body Strength & Core Workout

This workout requires no equipment so you can do it with your whole family! These body weight movements will improve strength and burn calories.Play the work...

P.E. Week 2 - 25th January 2021

DANCEFit with Debbie - (Suitable for all ages) Still available on you tube

DANCEFit with Debbie

Family Scavenger Hunt - something else to do on your walk, run or cycle

Week 2 - Science and PD with Miss Lowry

Week 2- Technology with Miss Lowry

Week beginning 18th January - Miss Lowry's Technology (with Eco) and Science (with PD) lessons

PE week one and lets look at what you need to do to get/keep fit. First flexibility. Try these every day, especially if you are trying Joe Wickes PE sessions. Do these before and after each session.