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Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 15-06-20


Dear Parents 

Our theme for this week is the story Dear Zoo. I hope you can find some activities that your child can enjoy. 

This is our final week of uploads before the Summer. Thank you for all your messages and photographs showing your children enjoying the activities provided and  having fun at home.

Stay safe and take care.

Shirlee Massey


Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 08-06-20


Dear Parents 

This is the final week of our Seaside topic. Have a little look and see if any activities would be useful to you and fit comfortably into your week. I hope you are all keeping safe and well, it is just lovely to see how everyone is doing at home. Take care and enjoy the week ahead.

S. Massey 

Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 01-06-20


Dear Parents 

 Can you believe we have reached June ?. I was so sure we would be finishing the year together back in our own wee classroom. I would like to thank you again for all your support. I hope there are some activities that you can enjoy with your child as well as taking the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful weather.

As part of our Seaside topic. this week we will be looking at the story of the Rainbow fish and some other fishy activities. My children have asked to try out the decorated fish buns. Whatever you choose please take care and have fun.

Mrs Massey

Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 26-05-20

Dear Parents 

I hope you have all survived another week of Lockdown and Home Schooling. Please remember not to feel any pressure to complete a certain number of activities. Just pick and choose what works best for you in your situation . It has been lovely to hear from so many parents and see all the faces that we have been missing. You are all doing an  amazing job.  This week's activities are based on 'Under the sea'. I hope you enjoy looking through them.


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Massey



Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 18-05-20


Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family are all keeping safe and well.I had a lovely email from one of our parents on Friday, it was super to hear about all the activities going on at home and how well he was doing. Thank you .

This weeks activities for home schooling are based on the theme of Rock pools, part of our Seaside topic. We have had fun as a family researching at the beach, looking at different Rock pools and seeing all the types of sea life. I hope you enjoy the activities too. 

Watch the special message link above and see if you can find my 'Hello' to your boys and girls!!

Take Care 

Mrs Massey 

Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 11-05-20


Dear Parents

I hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed trying some of our Seaside activities. As part of our new topic ,this weeks theme is called 'Ice-cream and Picnics'. I have had fun planning these activities and will be trying some with my own family during this lovely weather, especially the home made ice cream recipe!  I miss you all lots and hope we will get some good news soon.

Take care 

Mrs Massey


Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 04-05-20


Dear Parents

I cannot believe it is May already. Thankyou to the parents who are checking out this website and trying  some activities . I really appreciate your support .  

This week I am introducing our new topic which is called 'The Seaside'. I thought this might be a nice topic for the Summer term and as the beaches are not very crowded at the minute it might be a place that you can go to collect shells and pebbles, write in the sand and explore the rock pools. I have certainly had a lot of walks on the beach with my family during lock down.

This week will be the introduction, thinking about beach sounds, activities on the sand  and then next week we will be looking at 'Icecreams and Picnics'.

We are putting togther a little' Hello' message this week, I hope your children enjoy it.


Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 27-04-20


Dear Parents

Welcome to the final week of our People Who Help Us topic. This week we will be thinking about the job of a Dentist. Please look through the activities below and choose the ones that best suit your child. We  are  missing all your children so much especially when preparing these home/school activities and just hope you have as much fun doing them at home.


Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 20-04-20


Dear Parents


I hope you enjoyed  all the  lovely weather over Easter and  had lots of  holiday fun.      I have put some ideas together for the week ahead alongside some information and support on PECs and some information on TAC PAC. This  is a very relaxing and calming sensory activity that you may like to try at home.


Dear Parents

I would just like to wish you all a safe and  Happy Easter holiday. I have really missed carrying out our planned Easter activities for School. I hope you had a chance to look at some Easter ideas mentioned in week 2.  Here are a few more activities that you might like to try.


Killard House Staff Toilet Roll Challenge 2020

Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 30-03-20


Dear Parents

I hope Week 1 went well. All the staff in Foundation B have been missing all your boys and girls very much and hope that they have all settled into their new routines.  I am also home schooling three children so I know that it can be a very busy time. Please remember not to feel any pressure to complete activities. I will try to base any learning on materials that you have at home/ resources that you can make easily.

Foundation B Remote Learning Activities 23-03-20


Dear Parents              

This is a very worrying time for us all. A week ago we would not have imagined that our time together in Foundation B would have ended so abruptly.  We would like to thank you for all your encouragement and support that you have given to us throughout the year.


We would like to put some ideas on this website to help you to continue your child’s learning and to provide you with some of the structures and sample activities that we use in school.


We realise that no two situations are the same… some parents will be working from home, some children will need a specific schedule while others can cope with a more laid back approach. Please use these ideas as you deem appropriate for your own child in your own situation.

Our final wall display, not quite completed .

This week as part of our People who help us topic,  we were learning all about the work of a fire fighter. We looked at fire fighter equipment, had a fire station as our role play area and had lots of uniforms to dress up in. The children were introduced to the Makaton sign for fire fighter and lots of our literacy and numeracy activities were based on this theme.

The children continued to work on sound discrimination, following instructions and a variety of practical numberwork. They also enjoyed learning some new shaker songs and a wibble wobble scarf song during our music time. 

As this was Sports Relief week everyone had great fun climbing, bouncing and crawling through tunnels in the Gym. 

We are looking forward to lots of fun and learning based on the job of a dentist next week.



Our 'Pets' topic has now finished and we have started our new topic of 'People who help us'. Everyone really enjoyed learning about pets and hopefully will have just as much fun and learning opportunities this term. We though you might like to see all the boys and girls art and craft activities which brighten up the classroom.

This week we have started our new topic by learning about the Police. We have had a Police sensory bin to explore and also fun trying to make a Police car out of play dough. The children have been dressing up and using Police equipment , even the staff have joined in.

The boys and girls have had their finger prints taken, they have been learning Makaton for Policeman and Police lady and have enjoyed learning a  Policeman song.

We have worked hard on our numeracy, matching the number of cars to symbols. We have been counting using cheerios and others have been matching Policemen to their cars. We even completed some topic based pattern work.

Each week in our class we enjoy listening to some Jolly Phonics songs and learning the actions. Some boys and girls have been discriminating between sounds and were able to sort pictures into different boxed depending on their beginning sound They also completed some sound flowers. We were very proud.

Work has also continued on developing our listening skills and following instructions. Some were able to follow instructions such as  put ' the big yellow key on the bus' and 'the small blue key on the car'. Others were working on putting ' the red plaster on the boy/girl's knee' or selecting items by name.

Fine skills activities have included threading, cutting along a line, tearing and scrunching tissue paper and creating shapes in the moon sand and making a Police hat.

Everyone has worked very hard.

This week we were looking for 'Good listening' to get on to our Recognition Board. Well done everyone !

What a busy week we have had in Foundation B!. We have been learning all about Pet hamsters as part of our Pets topic. We had a hamster sensory box, a talking hamster for our attention bucket and we even made a hamster in its own plastic ball.

We have been working hard on our number work  and on our listening activities. Some boys and girls have been counting hearts, working on number formation and counting coins as they go into a piggy bank. We are continuing to reinforce our work on long and short, everyone is doing very well. Some have been playing games using letter sounds to say which cup the girl is hiding under and some have been identifying animal names and putting the correct piece on a jig-saw.Lots of very good listening. 

We have been practising our fine skills by colouring inside an outline, following patterns in the oats and writing our names.

The boys and girls had some Valentine's fun making cards using marble painting, we had a Valentine's sensory bin, stamped hearts and made dough heart shapes and we also made a sensory Valentine's bottle to take home.

The highlight of the week was our visit to the Party Bus. Everyone had great fun climbing, sliding and playing in the ball pool. What a special treat.

We would like to wish you all a happy half term and thank you for all your support each week.

Fun in the snow !
5 Little Ducks during number rhyme time.
5 Little Speckled frogs.
1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive.

This week the boys and girls in Foundation B have enjoyed learning all about fish. We have been singing a new song '1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive'. The children have been fishing in the water to catch fish and squeeze some squirting fish. They have also been developing their fine skills by lifting small fish with tweezers out of a tray of water beads to return them to their fish bowl home.

During number work time we have been matching fish to bowls, sorting fish for colour and size, counting fish and matching to numerals alongside ordering fish.

The boys and girls made a handprint fish and a fish out of pipe cleaners and beads. We worked hard to developing our colouring in skills and explored our creative side by making beautiful fish with dough, buttons and sparkling gems. We even learnt the Makaton sign for fish.  It has been a very busy week.

This week we were learning all about rabbits as part of our 'Pets' topic. We were learning what they eat, how they feel to touch and what they like to do. We also carried out some rabbit themed activities such as planting flowers and carrots developing our pincer grip. We did some stamping with carrots and  work on the concept of  long and short . The children enjoyed putting balls down the long or short ear of the rabbit after listening to the instruction. We made some rabbit crafts and enjoyed singing some songs such as ; Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose' and ' Sleeping bunnies'
We have a new Recognition Board in our classroom. Each week we will choose a  target and when each child is successful in achieving the target they will be able to put their picture on the board. When everyone is on the board we will have a celebration. Our first target was to do 'good sitting'.
We have had a busy week in Foundation B. We have been learning all about long and short, sorting, counting and working on our fine skills. We have been following instructions and doing good looking and listening during our attention bucket. You may even see a special snowman who was a very exciting part of our extension activity. We hope you like sharing the pictures below !.
The children in Foundation B have been working very hard after the Christmas holidays. Our topic this term is called 'Pets at the Vets'. This week the children have been learning all about dogs and puppies. We have looked at dog equipment , ways to keep them fit and healthy and have had lots of fun with a variety of pet activities.

Christmas has arrived in Foundation B. We have been busy exploring Christmas sensory bins, building snowmen with foam, counting Christmas tree decorations and playing in Santa's Workshop.

We have also sold 104 bags of reindeer food and have made £52.00 for our Abaana charity. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed. The children really enjoyed selling the food to their friends.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

The children have been learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a Jack and the Beanstalk sensory tray, some giant's feet to walk on and we even planted some magic beans !

This month we are also started to get ready for Christmas. Our first job was to make 200 bags of magical reindeer food. This will be sold from the 9th of December to raise money for the school's Abaana charity at a cost of 50p per bag. 

Our focus this week has been on the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children have enjoyed building houses out of bricks, sticks and straw and then trying to blow the, down with our wolf hairdryer. 

The children have also had fun exploring our Three Little Pigs sensory bin, making crafts and even some little pig buns.

Some maths activities have included counting little pigs to put into the field, rolling the dice and putting coins into the piggy bank  and counting pictures of characters from the story. 

We are looking forward to our next fairy tale !

In foundation B we have been very busy. We have been learning all about Little Red Riding Hood and having fun in the role-play area. We have been working on following instructions at different levels and experiencing a number of numeracy related activities.

In Foundation B we have been getting ready for Halloween. We have been exploring our Halloween sensory box, decorating pumpkins, making pumpkins with dough and pipe cleaners and have even been doing Halloween numberwork. 

To finish off this term everyone enjoyed dressing up, having some party food and doing super dancing at our Halloween disco. We hope you all have a lovely break !

This week the boys and girls have been working very hard to use their PECs to select a preferred item

They have also had the opportunity to explore activities relating to our story Owl babies . Everyone loved making owls with chocolate dough, feathers and googly eyes and exploring our Owl babies sensory bin

Look at what we have been up to this week in P1B. We have been working very hard and having lots of fun !.

Sophiea is our Pupil of the week . We are very proud . Well done Sophiea!.

P.1.B Have been enjoying more activities based on our nursery rhyme topic. Have a look below .

P1 B have been working very hard. We have been learning our nursery rhymes starting with Incy Wincy Spider.