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Killard House School is very proud to hold Eco-Schools NI Green Flag Status. This is the highest possible award, and celebrates all the hard work we do in and around our school and local community to look after the environment. Scroll down the page to see some examples of the activities we have been taking part in!

Miss Lowry's Week 1 Eco-School lesson - enjoy the outdoors

Walking outside is good for the mind and body. Remember to check the NHS website for up to date guidance about leaving the house/ being in public

Miss Lowry's Week 2 Eco-Schools Lesson: The 3 Rs

For more information about the 3Rs, and to play an online game, visit

At Killard House School, we have been working towards a ‘green flag award’. Our main focus has been on litter and waste, outdoor learning and energy. We regularly take part in local beach clean and litter pick activities. We have allocated Bin Monitors, and learn about proper disposal of waste/ recycling. We grow our own vegetables and bee-friendly plants in our veg patch, poly tunnel and greenhouse. We have made our own bug hotel and bird houses, and there is a mini wetland area.We look after chickens and have been making our new outdoor learning area look beautiful!

Year 8 taking part in an eco-schools litter picking around Donaghadee. We were disappointed to see SO much rubbish spoiling our lovely environment, but pleased we could make a difference! Remember: do not litter!

Northern Ireland Water brought us a water butt. We will be able to collect rain water and use it to water our vegetable patch and flower beds! Thank you NI water!

Getting the hen coop ready for the chickens to return after their holiday away at Mrs Brown’s house! Year 8 worked hard to clear the area, and did some research using iPads while sitting comfortably in the Gruffalo house. It’s great to be able to learn and play outside, while watching the seasons change!

We were selected by Bloomfield Shopping Centre in Bangor to decorate a reindeer. As you can see, our ‘Donaghadeer’ has been designed with an Eco-Schools theme in mind! Pupils from across the school drew plants and animals to decorate the Donaghadee beach scene (painted by Miss Lowry and Year 11). On its back, is our Eco-Code: “Killard says: together we can be kind to the planet with our eco- plan!”. There are words coming out of the lighthouse, telling people to remember to reuse, reduce and recycle, turn off the lights, always throw rubbish into a bin etc. The reindeer will be displayed in the shopping centre throughout December. Any donations made into Donaghadeer will go towards children’s’ charities. We hope you go to visit the reindeers and like our design!

Our school is home to lots of mini-beasts! We have recently discovered a family of frogs in our wetland area, and a huge dragonfly was relaxing nearby too!