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Year 11 have been learning all about perspective as part of their Entry Level art. They used their iPads to take photographs, went outside to draw on site and looked at some work from the Tate in London. We talked about one point perspective and train tracks. They are enjoying how they can use their new skills and personally the work they have produced has been amazing!

Year 11 learning to use their new iPads for their artwork

Children in Need with yr12

Yr11 are learning about perspective

Year 12 3D work

Yr 11 enjoying some perspective drawing outside

Year 12 ‘rollin again’

Yr 11 back to work... yeh!! Let’s start by taking photographs of our local area and try drawing them.

Lesson 11 'Summer' 15/6/2020

My photos to use for ideas

Lesson 10 Self Portraits 8/6/2020

Our Self Portraits

Stone painting week

Stone painting Lesson 9

Stone painting week 1/6/2020

Lesson 9 1/6/2020

Our flower box in action

Lesson 8 ‘Flower Power’ All ready to go now

Lesson 7 18/5/2020 'Trees'

Lesson 6 11/5/2020 Make your own Lockdown Sketch Book

We started our front cover today

Message From Mrs Davey

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 4/5/2020 ‘Design your own trainer’

I have started to draw my trainer designs.

Lesson 5 Trainers. We all have a pair somewhere at home so try drawing your own or copy the outline shape of some the trainers below. Add some 'sparkle' to your designs I am going to try some too!!

Lesson 5 Trainers

As we can’t celebrate birthdays the way we used to, we have had to be a little creative. So instead of buying your cards try making them. We have missed 3 birthdays including Molly’s 2nd birthday. We put balloons out on our gate so our neighbours tooted their car horns while driving past, we made a card, we baked a cake and played with bubbles! 
I would love to see some of your cards when we get back to school. I want to show you how to make a memory book so you can keep all your Lockdown drawings and school work together.
Take care everybody xxx

Birthday cards and memories

Hi everybody I hope you have enjoyed trying to make your elephants. Like us you might have birthdays to celebrate and as we can’t get everything we are used to what about making your cards? 
We have made a few and another one to do today and I can show you how next lesson. 

We are going to try and mail some hugs too as we can’t see all the people we are used to giving hugs to.


I miss you when you’re far away,

I’d love to see you every day, 

But since I can’t come over to play, 

I’m mailing you a hug today.


Miss you all and enjoy the sunny weather xxx

Lesson 4 Our Elephants

I hope you are trying a little bit of art work even some ‘doodling’ is good fun. Remember to keep them all so I can have a look at them when we get back to school. 

Some of you know Julie our artist, she has been doing lots of drawing at home, some of which we at Killard inspired her to do! So go to this link and see what she is doing as she has a virtual gallery.

There is a great video and you can see Julie doing some of her artwork. 

Take care and the elephants are getting finished tomorrow xxx


Lesson 4 The Walk of The Elephants

Hi everybody, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and not eaten too much chocolate! We have been busy in the garden and using items we have at home to make things. What do you think?

The Walk of the Elephants

Hi everyone,


I hope you are able to get out into a bit of sun. How are staff getting on with your Rainbows? Wouldn’t it be great when we get back to school, if we could put all our Rainbows up in a big display...I have a making lesson tomorrow that we spent this afternoon doing. 
Take care Mrs Davey xxx

Lesson 3 Take a Line for a walk

Backyard Abstract Art

The Killard Rainbow Project

I hope you are well and when I can work it out, I have a wee message for all of you. We have been busy painting rainbows! Try this design to draw your Rainbow shape.

Let’s chase the Killard House Rainbow. Video and links to come soon watch this space!


This is how you could try it. Get everyone at home involved .

Miss Lowry's rainbow window

Hi everybody, hope you’re well! Here is a little art activity for you to try at home!

‘Virtually There’ at the Ulster University Art & Design campus.

Year 10 took part in a workshop organised by ‘Moonbase’, an arts organisation based in Belfast. Their clients and our young people enjoyed learning to weave while listening to singing and ‘all request Friday.’

We enjoyed the hospitality of the ‘Oh Year music centre.’ Their work will be displayed in the foyer of the ‘ Blackbox’ theatre during the Belfast Children’s Festival, please pop in if you are nearby to view.

Year 10 busy preparing for their workshop day on the 6th March. They will be working with the 'Moonbase' art project at the 'Blackbox' theatre in Belfast.

Year 12's visit to the 'True Colours' exhibition at the Ulster Museum.

The work below is an example of some of the work that will be on display at an exhibition being held from the 6th March at the Ulster University ( Art and Design campus). It will be a cumulation of 4 years work as part of the Kid's Own Partnership project were we collaborated with an artist from Cork . Please see the link below for more details on showing times and search for the 'Virtually There' project.

Art Project

Still image for this video

Scu 5 concentrating really hard on their “Kandinsky” circles.

Year 10 are making the final touches to their 'Kid's Own' project. They will be exhibiting their work in the 'Black Box' theatre and in the foyer of Ulster University during the Belfast Children's Festival being held in March. Watch this space for event information within the next month.

Primary Art club have started 2020 by looking at the artwork of 'Kandinsky'. They are enjoying using different materials to make lots of 'happy' circles
The 'Art Team' have been very busy getting ready for the yearly Pantomime on the 13th December.

Year 11 celebarting World's Children's Day 30th Anniversary of UNCRC. Busy at work producing their 'blue' portraits.

Year 10 enjoyed a day of art as part of their 'Kid's Own Project'. The artist they are working with Julie Forrestor travelled up from Cork for her onsite visit and they spent all day plaster casting. " That was the best fun today, " Yr10 pupil.  

Yr8 enjoyed 'taking a line for a walk' inspired by the work of Paul Klee.

Year 10 Kid's Own Project

Year 10 have been busy with their 'Kid's Own' art project they are preparing for Julie to visit them all the way from Cork! They will be exhibiting their work at the Belfast Children's Festival in March 2020

Year 11 hard at work! Year 11 made a great start to their Entry Level Art course and produced some excellent work for display!

1st Prince's Trust Lesson for Year 11 the 'Tall Tower Challenge' everyone enjoyed it!!