Key stage 3 Curriculum

In Killard House School pupils are taught in form classes ie Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10. A Form teacher is responsible for the pastoral issues for their class and is the first point of contact for parents.

Year 8 - 10 follow a timetable which covers the full range of subjects fulfilling the Statuary Requirements. The NI National Curriculum subjects are taught at a level which reflects the learning needs of the pupils.

Literacy and Numeracy are taught in ‘Nurture groups’ which allow pupils of different capabilities to progress at different rates. All of our pupils will have the opportunity to experience the Literacy strands (Reading, Writing, Talking & Listening) and the Numeracy strands (Number & Algebra, Shape, Space & Measures and Handling data).

Practical subjects are taught in appropriately equipped classrooms.

Subjects taught in Killard include:

Literacy / English

Numeracy / Maths


Technology & Design


Music / Singing

Home Economics

Environment & Society

PE / Swimming


Foreign language (French)

Learning For Life and Work (LLW) inc Personal Development, Social Skills