Therapy Staff

We have 3 Speech and Language Therapists, an occupational Therapist and a Speech and Language assistant based in school.Therapists work closely with the class teachers and also provide whole class therapy sessions working alongside the teachers.

Meet The Team


Alison Fleming  -    I am the Lead Speech and Language Therapist in Killard House School. 

Ruth Hastings
I am a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant.
   Rebecca Polley
   I am a Speech and Language Therapist


Sophie Price 
I am a Speech and Language therapist specialising in ASD

Our Speech and Language Therapy Staff held a Giving Voice coffee morning in school June 2011

Contact Details

  If you have any queries or concerns about Speech and Language Therapy throughout the year please do not hesitate to contact:

  Alison Fleming
  Lead Speech and Language Therapist
  Cannyreagh Road
  BT21 0AU

  Tel: 028 91882361


  Lorraine Coulter
  Clinical Co-ordinator for Eduaction Services
  Stewartstown Road Health Centre
  212 Stewartstown Road
  BT17 0FB

  Tel: 028 90306097