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* Accredited GCSE Entry Level

Key Stage 4

Prince’s Trust

Through the Prince’s Trust , the XL Curriculum allows our students the widest possible opportunity to demonstrate their ability to set and meet targets, work with others and problem solve. They complete a portfolio to record their skills and   competencies. Killard students work towards the Silver Achievement level.

Young Enterprise
Young Enterprise is designed to inspire and equip our young people to learn and succeed. They gain valuable practical experience in the world of work.

South Eastern Regional College

Pupils attend Discrete Courses at Bangor Campus one day per week.
Courses include:
Food Preparation and Cooking 
Digital Imagery
Performing Arts
Running a Leisure Event

Students obtain a Level 1 Occupational Studies Award.

Year 10 in Technology

Year 10 have just started their new Technology project for this term. They are designing and manufacturing a wooden key rack. Check them out below using lots of tools and equipment in the workshop.

Year 9 and Year 10

go bird-watching at Rockport

Year 9 and Year 10 were given the opportunity to visit Rockport school to go bird-watching. After some delicious treats, and with our binoculars ready, we set off hunting around the school grounds. Although the birds were elusive, we managed to view some seals...as well as the odd Sea-Cat.   

Year 12 at SERC

Our Year 12 pupils have been attending SERC at Bangor this term. The girls are thoroughly enjoying their Skincare course and the boys are working very hard at Sheet Metalwork. Well Done Year 12!


Year 9 English

Year 9 are currently studying the novel The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe in English lessons. The pupils had the opportunity this week to try some Turkish Delight just like Edmund from the novel who got given some from the White Witch. Most of the pupils thought it was delicious!!!!!

Year 9 and 10 went Christmas shopping at Bloomfield Shopping Centre
Year 9 and 10 went Christmas shopping at Bloomfield Shopping Centre